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  • 2016 Los Ranchos Walk-A-Thon

    11/02 - 11/02/2016

    Los Ranchos Elementary School

Event - 2016 Los Ranchos Walk-A-Thon

This year marks the 25th Annual Los Ranchos Walk-A-Thon!

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to rain, the Walk-A-Thon has been postponed to 

Wednesday, November 2nd

On Wednesday, November 2ndfrom 11am to noon, our Roadrunners will explode onto the Los Ranchos field and black top with one goal in mind:  raise money to support their school!  

The Los Ranchos Walk-A-thon is our school’s primary annual fundraiser.  Through targeted funding of enrichment programs and technology investments, the monies raised by this event have a direct impact on our students and their teachers.  Art classes, Google chrome books, field trips, teacher supplies, playground equipment, literacy programs, are just a few examples of what the Los Ranchos PTA helps fund.  

We have so many meaningful investment opportunities to enhance and enrich our student's education.  This year our primary focus is to raise enough funds to further invest in technology and the "Classroom of the Future" initiative at Los Ranchos.  Preparing our students for the 21st century workforce starts now - we hope you will help us by making a donation and investing in their future!

If you are a student, click on the green PARTICIPATE button above to create your own Personal Fundraising Page (PFP) and start fundraising!!  If you are a visitor, click on the red DONATE button above and donate . . . thank you, you have no idea how much WE LOVE YOU!!  :-)

As for Friday October 28th, the Walk-A-Thon is a community event, we encourage family and friends to come join in on the fun and get a little exercise too!  We will enjoy a bring your own picnic lunch immediately following the event at noon.  So, bring your lunch, your blankets, your cameras and your walking shoes and join us at Los Ranchos on the 28th

If you are able to volunteer your time or donate supplies needed to make this the best Walk-A-Thon ever, please click on the Volunteer tab and see what we’ve got available!!!

- See more at:


Fundraising Has Ended

The fundraising period has ended. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the event organizers.

Thank you for your support!


Event Total: $30140

Event Goal: $63000 (47% of Goal)

2016 Los Ranchos Walk-A-Thon Participants

Lilly Gracia1120
Colton Emry1025
Sophia Tasooji 925
The Garrett Family780
Jordan Ford's 1st Walk-A-Thon760
Jackson Stitt725
Colby White720
Juliet Reagle700
Levi Munster!!!650
Austin White620
Jai & Dev Patel 600
Private Account 575
Gavin Good530
Lindsay Smith525
Bode Maire500
Callie DeSchryver 500
Jake Maire500
monet newton500
Michael Whitcher450
Will Damschroder450
Maddy Todd's Walk-a-Thon Page440
Private Account 364
Jacob Schuetze350
Meredith Whitcher350
Zachary Schuetze350
Will Isaman340
Brody's Run-A-Thon325
Carly's Run-A-Thon325
Madison Whisenand325
Alyssa Moore320
Kenny I.300
Nolan Attala300
Joe Isaman290
Thomas T. Alvarez290
Caitlyn Choal275
Corey Miller275
MacKensie Moore270
Emma Jantos260
Gabe Jantos260
Sally Weisenberg's Walk-A-Thon Page255
Natalie Wellner252
Clayton Ross250
Duncan Speake250
Holly Speake250
Jacob Gill250
Jenny Michel250
Katelyn Goldsmith250
Luke Michel250
Nolan Ross250
Max Bivens235
General Fund225
Kellen's Walk-A-Thon fundraising225
Kyler and Lake Dillon225
Leyton's Walk-A-Thon fundraising225
Abac Family220
Abby Fulcher220
Brady Svetich210
Aiden Schaffer's Walk-A-Thon200
Emma's Walk-a-thon200
Kayla Crosno's Los Ranchos Walk A Thon Fundraising191
Addison Crosno's Los Ranchos Walk A Thon Fundraising190
Everett, Conley & Newsom Family185
Cooper Groshart180
Maggie Groshart180
Ashland Congdon175
Eli's Walk-a-Thon Fundraising Page175
Jack Leslie175
Nathans First Walk -a-Thon @ Los Ranchos elementary. 175
Tyler Low167
Grace's Walk-a-Thon Fundraising Page150
Luke Walker150
Brooklyn Rutledge140
Connor Rutledge140
Private Account 125
Private Account 125
Nikki's 1ST Walk-A-Thon at Los Ranchos125
Corinne Hanshew120
Luca Mazzei120
Kendall Thomson115
Asher Littlejohns100
Charlotte Zamora100
Faith Robertson100
Hylton George100
Joel Anderson100
Kayla helps !100
Malia VanDerripe100
Marcelle George100
Mia manke100
Remy Yasumoto100
Chloe Hanshew95
Alice Jansen94
Alec MacDonald70
Gage Williams70
Sophia Chaves65
Jackson Porter57
Amelia Davis 50
Bella Qu50
Daniel Zamora50
David B.50
Henry Allen50
Kayla Lewis 50
Maui's Walk-a-thon Page50
Mia Davis 50
Sam Allen50
Xavier's Walk-a-thon Page50
Eliot Drews45
Jackson Faries45
Riley Hill45
Andy Sullivan40
Maddison Jane40
Lorena's walk-a-thon fundraiser35
Arden Brandow25
Private Account 25
Emerson Oetman25
Hayden Brandow25
Holland Oetman25
Jace Gomes25
Luke Oetman25
Max McGraw25
Private Account 25
Stella Lemons fundraising page25
Tyce Gomes25
Ari Valadez20
Joshua Chaves20
Marcel DeMartini20
Mason MacDonald20
Valentina DeMartini20
Private Account 15
Olivia Yeung10
(devin Kerven)0
Anatalia Shalhoob 0
Private Account 0
Cade Goodwin0
Carolyn Juretic0
Dillan Best0
Dube Family0
Elyse Corey0
Ethan Chen0
Private Account 0
Gavin Gould0
Gavin Mussallem's Walk A Thon Fundraiser0
Gianna & Joey Dossa 0
Golf all day long0
Hudson Esparza Walkathon Homepage0
Isabella Rodriguez0
Jackson Esparza's Walkathon Homepage0
Jacob Rodriguez0
Kaiden Rodriguez0
Mateo's Walkathon Page0
Myla Corey0
Newsom Family0
Noah Lewis 0
Peyton's Fundraising page0
Rafferty Dunn0
Skyler Perry0
Stella Dunn0
Tyler and Tanner Gould0
dodgers (devin Kerven)0
lets go dodgers0
monet newton0
sophie Garza0